Monogram Cookies

I was super psyched when I received a request for some adorable monogram cookies! What better way to celebrate a wedding shower than with a tasty confection with your new initials on them?!  She wanted a specific design, and the only cookie cutter I could find in the right size was a really spiffy copper one for $20! I am cheap, and that just was not going to happen. I had to come up with my own way of getting this glamorous flourish shape.4200CGFPShttp://www.fancyflours.com/product/Cookie-Cutter-Fancy-Plaque-Square-4-inch-Copper/Geometric-shape-cookie-cutters


So here is what I came up with….square

I just took a basic square and heart cutter and created my own shape. First cut a square cookie. Then go around with your heart cutter, center it on each edge of your square, and cut the “humps” of the heart out of your cookie. Then take your fingers and smooth out the edges on the corners. Done! I do chill my dough before rolling though, or else shaping the edges with your fingers could be tricky with warm cookie dough. Anywho, this is how they turned out!   DSC_2028 copy   DSC_2034

Happy Baking!




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