About this Chickadee!

Hello! Welcome to my little blog! My name is Jayme Huffman, and I am a wife, artist, sugar addict, and pastry chef in training. Before I ever went off to college, I found choosing a career path to be a daunting task. I graduated from The University of North Texas (Go Eagles!) with a degree in Visual Arts Studies, and became an elementary school art teacher right out of collage. I love working with children, and art is my passion, but somehow it just didn’t fit me. I left teaching to pursue another degree in photography at the University of Texas at Arlington. Unfortunately, that was not for me either. In the meantime, my husband Landon and I received a Kitchen Aid stand mixer as a surprise wedding gift, and I could not pull myself away. I have always loved baking, but my interest and enthusiasm for pastry arts has exploded! All I want to do is knead bread and decorate cookies! I strive to make each bakery item a work of art! So as of now, I am teaching painting classes and attending the Culinary School of Fort Worth. I am so in love with my pastry classes, and will soon be an official Pastry Chef! I feel so blessed to be pursuing a career that combines two of my favorite things, sugar and art! Please check out my contacts page for any questions, comments, or inquiries. I would love to bake something special for you!


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